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Post by Shadow Sheep » Sat Jun 16, 2018 9:50 pm

Surf_summit made by Juxtapo, Phurix and Synchronyze.

Tier 1 linear map with 4 checkpoints and 3 bonuses.

Recommended for the Beginner Surf server.

Video showcasing surf_summit surfed in counter strike source by Profile:

  • Changed the behavior of the triggers on the main map teleporting you after a delay so the player is unable to jump when in contact with them.
  • Added playerclips on top of the walls next to the main map start to prevent prophops.
  • Lowered the trigger around the first gap between second and third ramp of the main map so you don't get unfairly teleported without touching the ground.
  • Removed the collision of the displacements and props n bonus 3 and placed clips matching their shapes in order to prevent slope and bumps related exploits.
  • Changed a water texture on bonus 3 to be the same as the other ones so there is no seam or difference of look (the room with the broken bridge you fly accross).

sm_insertmap 1 4 1 "Juxtapo, Phurix and Synchronyze" 3 1;
setpos 1600 0 11552; setang 0 0 0;
sm_setspawn 1;
setpos 12800 -11392 -10816; setang 0 270 0;
sm_setbspawn 1;
setpos 7168 -12728 -10304; setang 0 90 0;
sm_setbspawn 2;
setpos -10432 -1408 11584; setang 0 90 0;
sm_setbspawn 3;

Special thanks to Phurix for providing the map file and advice.

Have fun! :lol:
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