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Post by Shadow Sheep » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:04 pm

Surf_telstar_njv, renamed from surf_telstar_b4 made by Kompile.

Tier 2 linear map with 4 checkpoints and 2 bonuses.

Recommended for the Beginner Surf server.

Video showcasing surf_telstar's shortcuts and secret in team fortress 2 by GliperalTF2:

  • Change the behavior of the teleport of the map to teleport you back to spawn instead of back to spawn. Type ent_fire blu(red)_jail_branch addoutput "0" to enable the jail for either team, set it to 1 to disable jail.
  • Modified the teleport to spawn mechanism so it stops you inside a room, then teleport you in the spawn. The boost in the cages at spawn have been removed.
  • Removed the 4 major shortcuts of the map to make the main run more interesting.
  • Made the start push usable only once, using it again teleports you to the reset location.
  • Removed the triggers teleporting you back to jail when being in "beast" mode with the assumption that you canot kill other people at spawn anyway in the skillsurf gamemode. (unlike the one the level originally has been made for).
  • Fixed a minor lightmapscale issue with the lamp wall above the ramps directly after checkpoint 1 showing horizontal fullbright thin lines from far away.
  • Implemented Resurfed timer triggers to the map.

sm_insertmap 2 4 1 "Kompile" 2 1;
setpos -15583.5 0 15378; setang 0 0 0;
sm_setspawn 1;
setpos 10368 0 -11104; setang 0 0 0;
sm_setbspawn 1;
setpos 12832 0 677; setang 0 0 0;
sm_setbspawn 2;

Have fun! :lol:
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