ReSurfed Manifesto!

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ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by Humps » Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:57 pm

As many of you know, the server has undergone a great deal of changes over the past several weeks. In this post, I hope to outline all the changes that have taken place and perhaps discuss potential changes in the near future. Some people may think the server is run by only a few "top brass" individuals, but it is in fact 100% community driven, and I want the community as a whole to be able to participate in the many changes that we are actively searching for feedback on. The biggest change that has and is taking place is the fixing up of maps. Additionally, we have a new set of rules that are to be followed. This post will hopefully create a place to discuss specific details and allow for the feedback we need at the moment. Keep in mind, it is extremely difficult to please 100% of an audience and compromises are sometimes impossible, but we really do want what is best for the community as a competitive surfing environment. Let's begin.

We are progressively altering maps to remove any "cheats" or "exploits" in these maps, as well as anything else deemed worthy of removal; this includes mistakes in map geometry, prophops, multiboosting, timer rests, and other things. There are A LOT of maps to get to, and this process will take a very long time and points will be skewed quite a bit in the upper ranks. There are a few tools we have handy that allow us to make adjustments inside the game engine. From inside the game we are able to manipulate certain objects, remove some doors, and create maxvelocity and teleport zones. Unfortunately there are fixes that require attention outside of the game and within hammer, these maps are quite a bit lower in priority due to the time it takes to fix these maps. Regarding the fixes that have already been made, rest assured these alterations to the maps are not made on a whim. We make absolutely sure to do research on the map runs as well as discuss the possibilities in detail with the more experienced surfers, as well as the top surfers on the particular map. Please remember that everyone's opinion is important, however, and that any feedback on any fix is appreciated. It is a long list to get to, but our goal is to eventually have a map rotation that is fun and fair to all surfers for the purpose of competition.

New Rules
The rules are new, but they are really simple guys. Not to mention that we aren't strict by any means (except tordana REALLY hates nsfw sprays). This is not a family server, but that does not give anybody any right to be a turd. Nobody likes that shit, and we have a new /report feature. Use it. Many players are often accustomed to using "!" in front of their commands, and this displays in chat. We suggest all players try as often as possible to use "/" instead to avoid spamming the chat, and note that not all commands work with this. You might possibly be warned or muted, but you will never be banned for trying to surf. For those of you that have not seen our new rules page, here you go. In the near future I hope to create a post outlining the exact powers of all admins on the server because right now that system is rather...terrible. I feel like it is necessary to let the community know exactly what the admins of our servers can help with, and exactly what powers we do or do not have.

As with new rules, comes with new consequences. We are not actively looking for people to ban from our server, as this is a community driven server. Also, it is unlikely you will ever be banned for more than 30 minutes on a first offense. Please read the rules and respect our warnings, you likely will not get another. It honestly is our hope that we never have to use any kind of power on any individual. You can appeal bans right here on this forum; you will not be ignored. Our sourcebans page is here. This is in place so that we cannot hide or say we did not ban the shit out of you. We totally did. Sorry.

Our servers are now running with stv on all the time. All maps are archived for one week before being filtered out and the demos can be accessed here. With this we are able to determine specific details about a potentially cheated time or an abusive player. We have the evidence, so don't try to play it off.

Our wonderful surfbot is a modified rendition of AI's own JumpBot used on soldier/demo jump servers. Surfbot is a wonderful tool that allows all plays to spectate a complete run of a stage or map. Surfbot cannot be accessed by more than one player at a time, and has an odd artifact creating speech bubbles in certain locations. The bot is being worked on and will likely take a large amount of time between updates (it's an incredibly difficult side project).
This is also a good time to mention the SurfTimer, the plugin that makes the server possible and created by Malt. There will be a large update to the timer fairly soon, introducing new features and allowing future updates to be much simpler. I cannot cover any details at the moment because I don't know anything about it, but I'm hype and you should be too.

Other Features
Occasionally TheDeathly likes to play around with various plugins and concepts. As of now there are a few things worth mentioning, such as paint and /hideirc, both of which are self-explanatory. While we are open to suggestions on possible future plugins and features, few things actually work and even fewer things work as intended. While we won't dismiss anything right away, some things just are not possible to do.

That should cover everything that is new and everything to come. There are many thanks to many people in this community that deserve a mention:
Tordana for hosting the servers, despite never paying a cent.
Donators for donating to pay for the server so tordana doesn't have to pay anything.
TheDeathly for setting up the new servers and internal work. A lot of internal work.
Malt for the timer.
AI for the SurfBot.
Shadow Sheep for actively cleaning up maps outside of the game and working in hammer.
MANY MANY MANY other people for participating in the community and the servers, and driving the community in a positive direction
Community members that keep coming back. Keeping the server populated keeps the server running.

Thank you all for reading this post and providing important feedback. We hope to keep this community growing and moving forward.
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Re: ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by tordana » Thu Dec 10, 2015 5:07 pm

Thanks to Humps for writing this up. I want to reiterate that the last month or so has seen a HUGE amount of positive changes to the servers, and 99% of it is due to people that aren't me putting in the time to update everything. TheDeathly has made working on the server practically his full-time job and they are much better for it (because unlike me he actually understands how the hell Linux works). Also a big thanks to the community for keeping donations rolling in. These servers aren't going anywhere for a while - we put down a 1 year deposit so everything (on the NA side at least) is paid up through November 2016. Don't let that stop you from continuing to donate though - that 1-year deposit was about $400 and the donations now will build up towards having that amount to drop again next year!

Thanks again, y'all are awesome. ReSurfed has gotten bigger than SurfiT, something I never expected when I started these servers, and it's all thanks to YOU!

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Re: ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by Nastybutler » Fri Dec 11, 2015 7:09 am

World's laziest server owner indeed. AS in, I have new MOTD's waiting to be uploaded. >.>
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Re: ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by TheDeathly » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:48 am

I can take care of that in the next few days if tord doesn't :P
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Re: ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by Hockeyfan48 » Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:16 pm

I for one appreciate all of the new updates that have been happening recently. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone working on the changes.
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Re: ReSurfed Manifesto!

Post by Plasma Lemon » Sat Dec 12, 2015 5:18 pm

Sheepy, Deathly, and Humps have shown a remarkable amount of initiative to improve the server the past few months (also stig recently from what I've seen). Everyone who surfs on Resurfed should be thankful for these people stepping up and making change happen.

When I first surfed on Resurfed, updates were pretty infrequent and didn't fix much. A lot of people talked about how the server could be better, but changes rarely happened. Past half-year that has been completely flipping though, and now updates are very common and thorough.

I think that this will do great things for the long-term integrity of the server. I wonder how many good surfers from CSS have come to try Resurfed and been turned away from it when they see that half the times abuse some sort of exploit.

Thank you
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