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Post by Shadow Sheep » Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:24 pm

Bhop_cw_journey made by vodka.

Semi-Linear Tier unknown map with 10 checkpoints and no bonus.

Video showing nishi's run of bhop_cw_journey in counter-strike: source:

  • Removed the collision of the lamp props that were too low for tf2
  • Changed the collison of the ladder way in the last quarter of the map to be clipped stairs instead of using the traditional upward push workaround in order to allow what is closer to a ladder jump.

sm_insertmap 4 10 1 "vodka" 0 1;
setpos 2495.74 2226.22 1103; setang 0 186 0;
sm_setspawn 1;

Have fun! :lol:
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