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Post by Shadow Sheep » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:33 pm

Bhop_developed_beta01 made by MuhCow.

Semi-Linear Tier unknown map with 6 checkpoints and no bonus.

Video showing R0nic's run of bhop_developed_beta01 in counter-strike: source:

sm_insertmap 2 6 1 "MuhCow" 0 1;
setpos -960 256 256; setang 0 0 0;
sm_setspawn 1;

I placed no checkpoints yet because I am assuming that it is possible to go out of bound and ruch directly to the end by using the walls. The lack of checkpoints permits this strategy. Let me know if checkpoints should be placed to prevent these kind of route though.

Have fun! :lol:
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