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Post by Shadow Sheep » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:52 pm

Bhop_rogiql made by biql and roger.

Semi-Linear Tier unknown map with 4 checkpoints and no bonus.

Video showing lemin's speedrun of bhop_rogiql in counter strike source:

  • Fixed the lighting on the props in the first cave so they don't take the sun light from outside.
  • The move ropes at the stage of biql level are textures that were not included in the map file, and that he has removed from his computer. He invited me to remake them from pictures I would find on the interneet if I really wanted them, and thats what I did.
  • The particles that are refferenced by the map are using a format "5 format pcf 2", which I cannot convert to an older version to this date. The mapper has placed sprites at these places, so it will look okay without them.
  • Implemented resurfed timer triggers into the map.

sm_insertmap 3 4 1 "biql and roger" 0 1;
setpos 3632 1344 -361; setang 0 180 0;
sm_setspawn 1;

Have fun! :lol:
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