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Post by Shadow Sheep » Wed Jan 03, 2018 5:17 am

Bhop_sanctuary made by Highquality.

Semi-Linear Tier unknown map with 5 checkpoints and no bonus.

Video showing terry's speedrun of bhop_sanctuary in counter strike source:

  • Turned the discplacements and props that are not accessible behind the windows to non-solid for optimisation purposes.
  • Removed the collision of the round ground sides of the veranda rooms so you no more can surf them to go accross. I don't think its a good thing to let this trick in the map.
  • Implemented resurfed timer triggers into the map.

sm_insertmap 1 5 1 "Highquality" 0 1;
setpos -72 -348 33; setang 0 90 0;
sm_setspawn 1;

Have fun! :lol:
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