[WIP] bhop_tyle2_test1

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[WIP] bhop_tyle2_test1

Post by fluffeh » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:16 pm

as far as i can see there is no problems let me know if there is

i resized the different platforms and kz parts to work better in tf
it has a bonus
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Re: [WIP] bhop_tyle2_test1

Post by Shadow Sheep » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:51 am

I am sorry for the late feedback.

The port is okay.

One issue though is that the long jump part of the kz section doesn't prevent you from bhopping in order for the player not to cheat it. You should also make each edge of it 8 units shorter in order to compensate for tf2 player dimensions being able to walk off later of the platforms (16 units wider). The rest of the kz was properly resized though, so thats good!
Also, various signs for the long jump, the end destinations and the spawn appear to be missing. I think you should find a way to put them back somehow (at least so the mapper gets credited in a way).
When playing the map, I hear no music even though there is music in the counter strike source version. Hopefully its just me.
And last thing, but I am sure you would have fixed it on your own, there appears to be a leak in the map, which explains why vrad didn't compile (map is full bright) and why vvis didn't compile (you render several room you shouldn't be able to see from certain points of view).
I didn't see any missing texture throughout the map and it plays the way it is supposed to globally.

Tell me if the bhop_tyle2_test1 map file on the test server isn't the version you intended to upload (because I found by accident an other map file called bhop_tyle2_fix that has lighting in it. Also you probably shouldn't remove the "_fix" at the end of the map's name if you want to keep it similar to the css map name, but its up to you.).

Thank you for porting maps though, it really does help the community! :D
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