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Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 4:35 pm
by Shadow Sheep
Bhop_challenjour_fix, renamed from bhop_challenjour made by Maharero.

Semi-Linear Tier unknown map with 8 checkpoints and one bonus.

Video showing fugi a's tool-assisted speedrun of bhop_challenjour in counter strike global offensive:

  • A relatively new entity, called trigger_softbarrier couldn't be ported to team fortress 2. This entity slows your momentum to a certain speed when you travel in the volume of that trigger through a certain direction. This was used as one-way walls in this map to prevent you from accidentaly teleporting backwards to previous stages, but also to prevent you from exploiting boost by using through them multiple times. I tried my best to replicate these functions using trigger_pushes to slow you down in some intended tunnels, filters to prevent you from exploiting boosts, and nothing (sadly) to prevent you from telehopping backward (feel free to suggest workarounds to emulate that funcion though if you have ideas).
  • Added mute and play soundscapes icons to allow players to mute or play the current music (Thanks to Kelao for this suggestion)
  • Implemented resurfed timer triggers into the map.
  • Removed the fall damage noise from the map.


  • Using a complicated setup using two trigger_catapults, a multiple and a filer, I manage to replicate the behavior of a trigger preventing you from telehopping backwards. Now if you fly backward into the previous level, you will be stopped before falling off (you can still walk against it pretty easily if you are determined to go back)
  • Fixed my mistake of not adding dx80 files for the csgo models (which don't require them in csgo). Now no one should be crashing when loading the map, or not seeing the props on the bonus. I also created a fallback texture for the refract window on the emerald and platinum stages.
  • To compensate for the bhop plugin unreliability, I added a 0.03 seconds delay on the basevelocity triggers that you bhop. This had for effect to reduce the height you peak at, and in fact makes one big shortcut of the map impossible. This has been fixed on the original port using a stripper config, but this version doesn't require one to get them to work as they are not set to push instantly like it is supposed to.
  • I changed the metal cubemap texture with a propper one that doesn't come from cropped csgo print screens of mat_texture_list 1, which I found out how to convert months after releasing this port (when doing surf_summer).
  • Before, when you get teleported back to the beginning of the map after completing the troll course, you could potentially bhop backwards into the map fast enough to be out of range of the trigger_teleport supposed to send you back to the end after a delay of 4 seconds. Now I made it so big that you normally can't risk being disapointed.
  • Times should remain the same, as no speedrunning or completion elements had been modified (except for the accidentally telehopping backward some levels part).

sm_insertmap 1 8 1 "Maharero" 1 1
setpos 8028 15345 14016; setang 0 0 0
sm_setspawn 1
setpos 7392 13792 14176; setang 0 180 0
sm_setbspawn 1

Have fun! :lol:

Re: [WIP] bhop_challenjour_fix_test1

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:11 pm
by Shadow Sheep
I updated this post with a fix version I am now working on which is available on the test server.